31 August 2010

Vacation Ends!

So summer is over and it's time to get back to work! I've had a great summer. I got to ride jet skies, speed boats, swim in the ocean, make some music and play with some dogs and cats. Plus I got to spend the summer with my family and create some great new memories.

I am almost finished packing now and will be leaving the beach at the end of this week to begin a journey that will take me to my old homes in Cleveland, Oh , Pittsburgh, Pa and Brooklyn, NY. After that I am on a plane and heading back to England for a while.

I can't tell you how excited I am to start up the new FOCOTheory branch in Brighton and to tour the U.K. and Europe. It's going to be great. I am going to miss my friends and family in America while I am away though.

When I get to England I will be recording the next batch of songs that will finish our new record, which will be out in October. We also have a new,19 song double disc bsides album called "For the Gloomy Guses and Negative Nancies" that is free and available for download now.

About a week ago I got a look behind the curtain and got to see who my real friends are and who are just looking for a free ride and looking out for themselves. I'm so glad this happened before I got to England instead of after so I know who is a true friend.

I am still so excited to share my new music with everyone. I'm really proud of it and hope everyone likes it.

In the mean time, everyone should pump Cee Lo's "Fuck You" and jam out!


p.s. - not to brag, but in the last 24 hours Lil Cease (notorious b.i.g.'s friends and awesome brooklyn rapper) and Mtv have both tweeted to me. Who you know with a better tweet game right now? No one. Step up your tweet game!

05 August 2010

wi-fi up a holler!

I decided to write a brief blog since i have a quiet minute. I am traveling right now in my downtime from Darling Waste.

I am recording a 15 song album of gospel music right now. My mother is playing all the songs on piano, i am playing guitar and my grandmother is singing. I am currently in Stickney, West Virginia at my grandparents house. Their new neighbor got unprotected Wi-FI!

Last night I drove through a huge storm. A tree fell in front of me on the road and I had to drive through the one lane mountains of WV to find an alternate route. As soon as I got to my grandparents house the power went out. It was still out this morning so we couldn't record the album unless we thought of something else.

We rented out a VFW hall for the day and made it into a makeshift studio. My gandmother (maw maw) sang 15 gospels songs in one day. When her voice would get to weak and sore we would take a break and then get back to it 15 mins later. It was a great experience.

I am heading up to Pittsburgh PA tomorrow to see some old friends, have a dentist appointment and (hopefully) see my chiropractor. Sat I am checking out an all day punk and metal festival that my friend is throwing, then I am playing an acoustic show at a great little place called the fallout shelter.

I got to spend a week with my daughter at myrtle beach last week and it was just amazing. It's been a great summer.

This Sept. I am meeting up with the band, playing some shows in Ohio, PA, WV, NJ and NY. At the end of the tour we are loading the van, trailer and gear onto a boat, taking the subway to the airport and flying to England. I bought my plane ticket this week. I am so excited to start this journey that will hopefully take is to at least 8 countries. This is by far the biggest thing I have ever done and it's all I am thinking about. I hope I don't die alone in a country where I don't speak the language. But I know if I do it's better than living and dying in the same town I grew up in.

Time for dinner. My grandfather (Paw Paw) made corn (roastnears as he calls them) and I think my Maw Maw made potatoes (taters) and greens.


27 July 2010

Mid summer check in!

I've spent the summer at the beach and in the pool, burning my poor irish skin and fading my tattoos.

On the Darling Waste front, we are talking about play a very brief tour of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York. We may be doing this in late August. If we do it will be our last tour of the United States for 2010. We are touring England in October and December and we are touring France, Germany, Holland and Belgium in February of 2011. We are really excited for these new opportunities.

Our new album, "Good and Bad Angels" has been pushed back from an August release to an October release date because our label has double the size of the the record! We went in to the studio hoping to have a budget for about 4-5 songs. We managed to get six songs done. Now the label loves the songs so much they have asked for 6 more! So I am writing and recording now and we are heading into Yellow Fish Studios in Sept to finish it up.

I am still slowly writing my solo record. It keeps getting pushed back because we keep making more Darling Waste music. As of right now I am leaning towards collaborating with another person on the record and making it a duo. For now I will just keep writing quiet little songs until I feel like it makes sense to put it out.

My management agency, The FOCOTheory Agency, is doing really well this summer, we have some new and exciting artists on the roster including female fronted Skartlett Riot from Manchester, Welsh power trio Nine Plan Failed, Atlanta rapper Bank and Pennsylvania hip hop quartet Phresh Muney. All great acts I am privileged to work with.

Right now I am doing a lot of number crunching, money worrying, travel planning for the big move over to England. I shouldn't officially call it a move because I don't know how long I am staying over there. But I am establishing a branch of FOCOTheory in Brighton, England, touring the new record and seeing some good friends. We will see how long that takes :)

That's all for now.


16 June 2010


I just got back from my band's second trip to the UK. We had a great time. I got to record my band's fifth studio album in Brighton, England at Yellowfish studios. It comes out sometime in August and will be called "Good and Bad Angels".

We toured from last August until this May for our current album "I AM BORN" so we have decided to take the summer off while we wait for the new album to get mixed. We are heading back to England in Sept to tour the UK and Europe.

I am relaxing at my parent's house right now and working on some material for a possible solo album I've had on the backburner for a while now.

That's all for now!


13 January 2010

New nyc and europe shows added !

Darling waste just added some shows:


29- pittsburgh, pa
30- nyc, ny
31- nyc, ny


5- fairmont, wv
13- fairmont , wv

2- liverpool, england
3- warrington, england
4- manchester, england

Come check us out !
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I've decided to do a solo record

so my band and I are in the middle of writing what will most likely be a 5 song ep that will be coming out in Europe in April. The record is coming together great, but it definitely has a certain "sound" to it. I do love the direction we are going but I have some songs that are a little more southern rock, folk, alt-country what have you (think ryan adams, bright eyes, william fitzsimmons, weakerthans, john prine). so i have decided that after the release of the next darling waste ep. and after our UK and U.S. spring and summer tours, I am gonna hide out for a couple of weeks somewhere in the south and make a 5-7 song solo ep. I am gonna get a band together and i think maybe track it live in a studio some where. i really have no plans to push the album or promote it and darling waste is still my baby and my one true love in live.i will most likely have it for download online and for sale for a couple bucks at darling waste shows. if anyone has cool ideas for an interesting way to release this or if you are a talented southern rock, gospel, country session musicians who wants to get down on this, let me know :)

love love love

lance waste

Testing my blackberry blogging

I'm just checking my ability to blog from my blackberry storm. Testing...1....2....3.
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